Tarkine Land Area

The Tarkine or Takayna covers 4470 square Km in North Western Tasmanian from The Arthur River in the North to the Pieman river in the South. The area South of the Pieman is remarkable different in nature and geology and is not included here for obvious reasons.


Tarkine / TakaynaImage licence: Sharealine 3.0 unported https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en



  • Protected areas

Savage River National Park  4% of the area

Arthur Pieman conservation area is another 1030 Square Km or 23% of the area.


Taken from the wilderness society

  • “Less than 5% of the Tarkine is properly protected in a national park. The rest is open to mining and logging.” – See more at: https://www.wilderness.org.au/campaigns/tarkine

TWS could have also said, “more than 4% of the area is already heavily protected!” yeah..

Quite true and the amount of land under mining tenement is not very substantial considering, The  majority of mining is done in the most sympathetic manner under the extreme vigilance of Mineral Resources Tasmania, the media and a plethora of green groups. Some groups are political or driven by self interest. but not in action or result. Or the actual amount of physical time they spend in the area to profess knowing so much about it all.

  • Mining. The first stages of prospecting of yesteryear is gone. Today in conjunction with several international space agencies assisting directly in the exploration in Tasmania. There is Zero damage, No foot print. Eco Prospecting of the 21st Century here in Tasmania, and its world class. The same systems that discovered caverns in the great pyramid are part of today’s geologists tool kit. This is happening today. However, no exploration of any kind is occurring in the Tarkine.

There is no coal mining, no CSG exploration. And, no metallic mineral exploration.

What there is is an exploration lease for precious and semi precious gemstone. Sapphire, Topaz, Diamond etc. Some construction materials, Local councils and quarries to build our roads and homes.

  • Mining leases in the Tarkine region



Not only is this not a great % of available land taken. The handful of mines themselves are a fraction of overall footprint of each lease. The Largest Grange’s Savage River Mine is a fraction of the size of its lease. Most of its holding are the pipeline that saved countless truck and trains delivering its ore and burning fuel all the way. Its more green than its given credit for. And, the people bagging it and waiting for something to go wrong, should be ashamed of themselves.


i will get the actual size of each and every lease and give a total % for relevance during the week.


  • Why mine here? Well for one, The Hubble telescope lens is made out of Silica flour from the Tarkine to the east of Corinna. It is the purest silica flour in the world. And, mankind’s view of the universe would be blurred without it.

What can we do? So everyone wins? One area with little conflict from any party or persuasion. Could  be incorporating the areas coastline into one of Tasmania’s largest Marine Reserves. Recreational and Traditional fishing only, This is the area the Tarkiner spent the overwhelming majority of there time and the midden record is substantial. On the coast. The adjoining coastal strip and inland shows much evidence of  Tasmanian Aboriginal habitation. It needs protecting.

Most of the inland area of the Tarkine is protected in one shape or form. The important irreplaceable parts are not.


Its not about Mining or Forestry. its about normal people from all walks of life being able to use this area and enjoy it as they always have and hopefully reflect on its past and preserve the important aspects for the future. And, its not for some person in Melbourne with an agenda to get on a soap box for there own exposure, to say otherwise.


I distinctly remember a Canadian from greenpeace and a whole bag full of green groups saving the styx while a 1/4 million hectares got razzed in the North of the State. And not one of them did a thing about it. Thats why i care more than they do. Or ever did/



Now you can do something about it.