Tarkine Walking and Camping

One of the best parts about the Tarkine is its isolation and remoteness. Dr bob Brown recently proposed Trans Tarkine track linking the Arcadia at the mouth of the Pieman River with 100km of not yet made overland trail or track. While i applaud the initiative, And, no doubt the Final draft is only that. One of the most fundamental aspects to make it actually work is missing. Water. The proposed trail is on top of a dry ridge well above any flowing stream and the beginning is on the coast and again offers no potable water. Im happy to ride my bike 100 km with a liter of water. But, walk it with a weeks worth of provisions and survival gear and then be expected to carry water as well, i would need a pack horse or helicopter drops. Not being negative and pessimistic like some of the left wing political parties using nature as their only mandate. Just stating the obvious. im not sure if the draftsman has ever ventured down into the catchment areas to get a drink. I dare say not.


All said and done the area has many outstanding walks for all ages and abilities already in the Tarkine region. Ranging from easy to quite challenging. In Corinna a variety of simple and easy 5min to an hour walks on boardwalk and cut tracks encircle the town from the Whyte river all around to the Savage River bridge on the Western Explorer Road. Across the Pieman River offers a flat campling area for caravans and RVs and another walk on the Brookfield Mine prospecting track to the top of Mount Donaldson and around into Sunday Creek and the top of Guthries Creek. They are all prospecting track. Unless the Tarkine coalition decided to end them on two historical gold fields by accident. They are lying to themselves about how these tracks came to be. And have been used continuously by gold prospectors since 1892. Thomas Bathers Moore being one of the first and most famous “Conservationists” in the area.

Mr Brian Inder defines the phrase Edge of the World in his poems.  The Arthur river area has many walking and driving tracks.